Sugar Scrub FAQs

Most Common Questions & Answers


Q: Hey Wendala, how do I store this awesome scrub?

A: Your LowCountry Sugar Scrub is finely mixed with the very best quality ingredients and taking care of it will ensure it takes Super Good care of you! Keep the lid closed when not in use and if possible don’t leave the poor thing in a hot car for hours on end.☀️🌞

Also, try not to let lots of water build up in the jar. It's normal for it to get wet while you're applying, but tip the jar to remove excess water before slapping the lid shut 

Q: I've never used a Sugar Scrub before. What do I do with it?

A: Oh, Sugar! You're in for a treat! The natural oils and sugar crystals are perfectly made to exfoliate tired, dry skin and moisturize the healthy, glowing new skin underneath.
While in the shower or bath, grab a dollop of the scrub, massage into your skin (from neck to toes) in a circular motion. Take extra care on those long gorgeous legs and -don’t forget the Tush- who doesn’t love a Silky Tushie? Grab a hot wet washcloth to remove any excess scrub.

🪒By the way- I shave 🪒 with this stuff! Try it! Cover your legs, armpits or any other place you normally shave with some Scrub- you have to rinse your razor 🪒 every few strokes- but let me tell ya’ it’s so worth it! Your legs will feel like butter and you’ll want to snuggle in your own armpits  they’ll be so soft!