About Us

Who: I’m Wendy - aka Wendala - a term of endearment given to me by my Aunt Barbara and now used by many of my family & friends… I’m a former stand-up comedian (like Sarah Blakely, founder of SPANX) whom I consider to be my mentor even though she probably has no idea I exist!! 😂😪🤣

What: LowCountry Sugar Scrub’s products are blends of luxury raw materials  procured from only the highest quality sources.  Sugar, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil,Jojoba Seed Oil, Beeswax and Essential Oils are our primary ingredients.

Where: LowCountry Sugar Scrub is crafted, produced and packaged in the LowCountry of SC.
When: I had never heard of or even tried a Sugar Scrub until 2019!!!! I had no idea what it was or that this kind of amazing product even existed! A good friend of mine told me to try a basic Coconut/Sugar combo - only because I had spent the day at the beach and was feeling a bit dry from all the beautiful LowCountry Sun I had been soaking up all day - and then BOOM - “I’m starting a Sugar Scrub Company!!!!!"

Why: LowCountry Sugar Scrub is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I have created this company from scratch - literally. I believe in the Scrub, I believe in myself - but most of all, I believe I can create a successful company that provides great products and proves hard work and perseverance is the key to success,  which is the definition of #Empowerment. And that is the backbone of  Wendala’s®️ LowCountry Sugar Scrub!